a.k.a The Sale Of 7 Wallace Avenue

Old school care and modern technology assists had this home sold for OVER asking price in 7 hours.



The sale of 7 Wallace Avenue is a perfect example of our PATH values. Realtor, Jess Van Hoek knew the family selling the home needed a quick sale. They had a growing family and had already purchased a larger home in a neighbouring community! So time was a priority. Jess brought in the team right away. Our Stager at The Great Room Staging hit the ground running. The home was already stunning, so the staging team focused on some decluttering and depersonalizing while our Client Concierge was working in tandem to arrange storage units and moving resources. Jess rolled up his sleeves and really went the extra mile! Jess was at the house, hauling wheelbarrows of gravel and managing the listing team with a paintbrush in hand. Back at headquarters the tech and design team was preparing coming soon materials and promoting the upcoming sale online. The house went up on the market quickly and sold quickly. We wanted this family to begin their next path!

 The current sales average for area(W02) *semi detached:

• 20 Days On Market

• Selling for 100% of asking price.

• Average price $884,500.

7 Wallace Avenue Sale:

• 7 hours on the market.

• Sold for 106% of asking price.

• Sold for $960,000


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