Buying a house sure is exciting, isn’t it? You can purchase some new furniture, pick out a few fresh paint colours, and maybe go a little bit Pinterest crazy. But before you start clicking and planning, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for what’s ahead. A great way to start is by reading a few pieces of advice from a certain real estate team that’s been trading real estate for over a decade.

“From buying our first condo to getting us our current family home (despite crazy competition), the Path team has been with us through it all. Through every stress and worry we had, they were there to guide us and provide us with the advice and encouragement we needed.”

Ali and Brett Snyder

If you’re planning on buying a house soon, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Who are you buying for?

Will it just be you and your partner? Are you buying with a family? Or are you buying for one? It might seem obvious, but your home search will totally change depending on who’ll be calling this house a home. Singles, empty nesters, and families are all looking for very different things; a downsizing couple or single buyer probably won’t care how close the best schools are, while a newly married couple or young family would have that high on their priority list.

What type of home best suits you?

From the convenience of a condo to the space of a detached home, every property type has its benefits and drawbacks–it’s all about finding the one that best suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Do you want outdoor space? Would you like an income suite to help pay off your mortgage? Would the rules of a homeowners’ association get under your skin? If you’re not sure what type of property is best for you, we can help you figure it out.

Where do you see yourself?

In a diverse city like Toronto, finding the right community can make a huge impact. We’ve been buying, selling, and exploring the local neighbourhoods for over a decade, and can help you find a home in one you’ll love­. It might be a community you’ve known for years, or in an up-and-coming area you’ve never heard of. Keep an open mind, and we’ll help you find a great home in a fantastic neighbourhood.

When is the best time to buy?

When it comes down to it, the best time to a buy a home is when you’re ready to­­–just because there are more homes on the market in the spring doesn’t mean you should jump the gun if you’re not financially ready. Spring brings plenty of listings, but also tough competition with other buyers, while buying in the less savoury winter months like January can mean less competition, but also fewer homes to choose from.

Why should you buy with Path?

Because we’re the team to help you answer all of the above. Better yet, we’ll give you even more neighbourhood insight, market information, and hands-on guidance to find, buy, and settle into your next home with less stress. We know, it sounds too good to be true! But it is–get in touch with us today and you can see for yourself.

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