Wish you were celebrating the sale of your house right now? Well, you’re about to be one step closer. Knowing how to prepare yourself and your home for sale will put you ahead of other sellers and well on your way to a successful transaction.

“From help with home improvements and staging to serious marketing strategies, the Path team made our house look amazing and got it sold quickly and with a sale price beyond our expectations.”

Jennifer Gibson

Before you pop any bottles or get out the moving boxes, here’s what you should know about selling a home.

Who you sell with matters.

It’s not just about expertise and experience (although we have plenty of both)–finding a real estate team that you actually ‘click’ with will make selling a home much more enjoyable. Meet with as many Realtors as you need to–but since you’re already here, you might as well shoot us an email. See? We’re already so convenient!

You have to take the ‘Me’ out of ‘Home’.

Sorry, but that collage of family pictures on the fridge has to go, as does the clutter and vibrant paint colours. Depersonalizing your home lets prospective buyers imagine it as theirs, instead of getting distracted by your aunt Muriel’s porcelain collection that you’ve somehow inherited.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Yes, an aesthetically pleasing home will draw some ooh’s and awe’s, but the condition of your home’s major systems and features can really make or break a sale. Getting a home inspection done will tell you if updating or replacing items like the HVAC system, roof, driveway, or wiring is necessary. Whether or not you make the improvements before you list will reflect the price and process.

Let the professionals handle it.

Now is probably not the best time to try your hand at home improvement or DIY staging. With our network of professionals, you can easily get the help of a professional who knows how to get your house looking its best. Whether you need a home inspector, painter, stager, cleaner, or other service–we’ve got you covered.

Make sure the price is right.

How do you list your home at a price Bob Barker would be proud of? By listing with us. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the Toronto real estate market and stay up-to-date on how the local infrastructure will affect it. We’ll take that knowledge and pair it with a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis to see what comparable properties are selling for and determine how much your home is worth. Other factors that will influence your listing price include your home’s age, condition, size, location, and any recent improvements you’ve made.

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